Setting & Receiving Boundaries

S3 E5

“…in order to have boundaries and really even start to understand them, you have to be able to get comfortable in the discomfort of the duality between we’re all interconnected and we’re all autonomous. And both those seemingly opposite things are true at the same time.”

-Margy Feldhuhn, Neuro Somatic Certified Practitioner and CEO of Interview Connections

Does the thought of setting a boundary feel threatening to you?

Have you ever quietly manipulated someone to get a need met?

Do you tell little white lies to meet other people’s needs in relationships?

Do other people’s boundaries bring up feelings of rejection, anger or abandonment?

In this episode we’re having an open and deep discussion about setting and receiving boundaries. We’re grateful to have Margy Feldhuhn back as our guest. She has a beautiful and profound take on boundaries that we believe you’ll find enlightening.

We’re each sharing our experiences and challenges with boundaries and how we NSI tools to set and receive boundaries with honesty and love. And we’ll be talking about the fascinating science that guides us.

Jennifer compares how setting boundaries used to feel in her body to how it feels now that she has Neuro Somatic Intelligence tools that many listeners will find relatable. 

Margy vulnerably shares her biggest boundary struggle and the feelings of rage, loss and abandonment it brought up- and how she used NSI tools to radically change. 

Elisabeth opens up about the NSI tools she uses to stimulate her vocal chords to feel safe setting boundaries and having difficult conversations. She also shares an inspiring recent example you’ll want to hear.

Episode highlights:

  • Margy shares her understanding of boundaries and how she uses them in her life and business
  • How boundaries impact our relationships, our health and even our businesses through the Neuro Somatic lens
  • Codependency and how the trauma responses of Freeze and Fawn affect boundaries
  • How body violations impact our Voice, internal sense of safety and our immune systems 
  • The surrender and release that boundaries have to offer you
  • Elisabeth shares what we can learn from the way animals set boundaries and express healthy anger based on the work of Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp
  • Margy’s powerful mindfulness boundary check-in that you’re sure to start using 
  • Benefits of anger and grief processing using NSI tools in relation to boundaries
  • Elisabeth talks about Gabor Mate՛’s research on autoimmune disease and how it connects to an inability to set boundaries
  • Jennifer shares about dangers of self-inflicted loneliness and chronic self abandonment
  • Margy brings to light how setting and receiving boundaries can deepen relationships

Thank you for listening and being part of the Trauma Rewired community. We appreciate all of you so much. 

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