Secure Attachment & Nervous System Health

“…we’re all feeling stuck. Of course, we’re all feeling like, even for some of us who so well intentionally affirmed we’re not going to repeat that past that was so very painful or shameful or whatever it was for each of us. We’re still doing it because of, again, all of these perceptual systems that are driven by this neurological or neurobiological, neurophysiological, dysregulation that are continuing to put the same filters, assign the same meanings. So the story goes until, of course, we listen to beautiful work like the two of you put out, right? You kind of get this information and then you begin to embody these new choices to actually shift…”

-Dr. Nicole LaPera, The Holistic Psychologist

Do you intellectualize all the concepts and theories heard on this podcast, but can’t seem to get past the awareness stage of healing and put what you know into practice?

Ever been in a trauma bond with someone? Do you find yourself always choosing emotionally unavailable people?

We couldn’t think of a better person to join the conversation about relationships this season than the Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole LaPera. We are thrilled and grateful to have her on the podcast this week! 

Join us as we explore the profound impact your childhood has on your current relationships, demystify the neurobiology of trauma bonds, and discover practical ways to build interdependent and socially coherent relationships. It’s a beautiful, open and real conversation that we hope you enjoy and find deeply valuable.

Learning to work with the nervous system is the big missing piece of Dr. Nicole’s extensive educational training. So if you’re at the beginning of the journey to nervous system regulation and embodiment you’ll find lots of encouragement and resonance from Dr. Nicole.

Listen to Dr. Nicole’s reflections on her personal neurobiological challenges and journey to being embodied and feeling safe in her body. And she vulnerably shares what it was like for her to be stuck in an emotional addiction that so many listeners will relate to.

Dr. Nicole introduces the concept of trauma bonds and explains its neurobiology. She explains how trauma bonds manifest in relationships in a really relatable way. And then we discuss how to transform self-abandonment and develop a compassionate relationship with oneself to change and heal.

Join us on the Brain Based site for a two-week free trial to begin using the tools we discuss in this episode. Come train with us live and in person and be a part of our supportive community. Visit to get started – we can’t wait to meet you there.

Listen and Learn:

  • Dr. Nicole’s 2 steps for change 
  • Impact of childhood on future relationships and health states
  • Addiction to emotional cycles and the key to change
  • How to get to the root of your maladaptive behavior cycles
  • Overcoming subconscious internal resistance
  • How to become your own safe container
  • Role of Embodiment in healing
  • Theory of Constructed Emotion and the 6 core emotions of humans
  • Grief and anger in the healing process
  • Harmful labeling in the mental health industry

S3 E23

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