Can you feel your feet on the ground right now?

What do your clothes feel like against your skin?

The foundational reason that we, Jennifer and Elisabeth, are committed to training our nervous systems everyday is so that we can be Present in our lives. We truly want to be fully Present in our bodies, our emotions, our relationships, our work and our world.

Maybe that’s something you really want for yourself too. Yet complex trauma has been robbing you of Presence through a history of dissociation, emotional repression, self-abandonment, shame and 4 F trauma responses.

In this episode of Trauma Rewired, we’re exploring Presence through the lens of Neuro Somatic Intelligence. We’re talking about the impact that Presence has on our relationships as well as its many health benefits. 

You’ll also hear how cultivating Presence is a form of healing complex trauma and overcoming dissociation and emotional repression. We’re also sharing how NSI tools create baseline safety in your body so that you’re able to cultivate Presence in your body, relationships and life.

We’re sharing our real experiences of becoming Present in our lives and relationships. It wasn’t all pretty, but it was definitely worth it.

Episode Highlights:

  • Our definitions of Presence
  • How levels of Presence affect abilities to attune to other people
  • Why cultivating Presence is often threatening and traumatizing
  • Reasons why it’s worth coming out of dissociation and becoming Present- even though it feels safer to live in your head
  • Vital role the Interoception system plays on Presence
  • How becoming Present is a new reality for you to create the life you want
  • Importance of using Minimum Effective Dose and titrating your window of tolerance as you cultivate Presence
  • Neurobiology lesson of how chronic stress and Presence effect telomeres and why it’s so important to our health and healing
  • Relationship between attachment schema and Presence

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S3 E28

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