Our Relationship to Society Impacts Our Relationship to Self

“ …how do we, and for me how do I, start to regain my natural capacity for connection, but at the same time not overload myself to the point that there’s a backfire and I end up pulling away again? That is another part of what makes sense to me about this work, or this understanding of the nervous system, is that we do need to be connected with each other. That includes in our pain, but we still have to manage the discomfort.”

-Victor Jones, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Addiction Specialist and Resilience Educator, and Certified Neuro Somatic Intelligence Practitioner

Have you ever felt an undercurrent of fear or anger inside yourself, even though it might not align with your outward personality?

Do you want to connect with others but find yourself pushing them away?

How does your nervous system react around someone who is fully Present?

In this episode, we unravel the complexities of relational threats and nervous system regulation alongside NSI Practitioner Victor Jones. 

The human experience has a delicate balance. On one hand, connection and intimacy are vital for our nervous systems and societal well-being. On the other hand, the body’s protective responses can make these connections feel challenging and even dysregulating. 

Early childhood trauma can reshape our nervous system’s wiring for connection, steering it towards self-protective outputs such as fear, anger, or dissociation. The repercussions of this chronic dysregulation reach beyond individuals and personal relationships, extending to societal injustices and chronic stress arising from racial and gender disparities.

However, hope lives in neuroplasticity, co-regulation and Presence. Nervous system regulation has the power to create positive ripples in relationships and communities. We share our vision of a society where individuals understand the language of the nervous system and work together to create positive change and healthy connections. 

We’re also opening up about our personal experiences with relational threat. Victor vulnerably shares his story of growing up with an alcoholic father, finding nervous system regulation and how he’s using NSI tools in his work. Elisabeth talks about her under the surface dysregulation. And Jennifer discusses what it’s like living with a strong Fight response in a violent patriarchal society.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Intertwined relationship between fear and anger as survival responses
  • Impact of witnessing the mistreatment of others on our nervous system
  • How societal trust being shattered impacts our connections
  • How rape and diet culture disconnect women from their femininity 
  • Profound impact of being attuned to internal sensations
  • How bringing regulated Presence into a community can create change
  • Importance of providing law enforcement and first responders with an understanding of nervous system regulation 

Tune into this thought-provoking conversation exploring relational threat, nervous system regulation and Neuro Somatic Intelligence’s transformative power. 

S3 E10

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