Grief, Shame and Your Nervous System

Episode 51

“You can’t out mindset, your emotional brain, right? You can’t use your cognitive thinking skills and cognitive talking types of therapy to manipulate your emotional brain. Your emotional brain’s gonna win that battle every single time. So this is where tools like NSI are so valuable because if we’re gonna help the survival brain and the emotional brain to calm back down, come back to homeostasis, let’s have a conversation. We need to use the language that it speaks, which is the language of neurological inputs. So we can’t mindset our way back into emotional safety. We have to address the emotional brain and the survival brain on their own terms.” -Matt Bush, NSI Co-Lead Educator and Founder of Next Level Neuro

Emotions are a big part of what makes us human. Our emotions can connect us to ourselves and to each other in beautiful ways. Emotions can also get clogged up in our bodies and nervous systems. This can lead to dissociation from ourselves and disconnect us from our communities. If you have complex trauma, or love someone who does, you probably are familiar with these nervous system outputs. 

Do you want to start really feeling your emotions? Would you love to be less emotionally reactive? Do you want to understand, and stop, the protective outputs like pain, immune responses and inflammation? Would you like the shame spirals to stop?  

Then we created this episode for you. 

Matt Bush joins us for the continuation of our conversation about the Dangers of Emotional Repression, Healthy Expression and Your Nervous System. 

We’re talking about ways we can express emotions, the consequences of not expressing them and how to start expressing emotions in a way that’s safe for the nervous system and the body in appropriate doses. We’re sharing personal and client stories to help you understand the language of the nervous system to offer hope of healing through NSI tools.

Pod-Fam, this episode is rich with wisdom from the perspective of the nervous system. Weaved through is hope for healing. 

Highlights to look forward to:

  • Matt shares client stories that explain why it’s important for therapists, trainers and coaches who work with the human body to be trauma informed
  • Jennifer shares the 1 minute grief expression practice that was pivotal in her personal healing and how it’s expanded
  • We discuss how Jennifer’s viral grief expression video shows that people want to connect emotionally and the importance of physical expression of emotions
  • Matt shares a touching and brilliant description of grief (don’t miss it!)
  • The crucial role that Minimum Effective Dose plays on expressing emotions
  • Jennifer vulnerably shares about her journey with shame
  • Jennifer and Matt teach about the connection of shame and Freeze response
  • Shame hits different when you have complex trauma
  • Matt explains the language of Shame and why we can’t outthink it 
  • Elisabeth shares her experience of shame and the important movement component 
  • Why positive emotions like Joy are scary to the nervous system and how we can practice those emotions
  • Jennifer shares how building a practice of expressing her emotions has led to a transformation in all of her relationships
  • Elisabeth talks about the duality of emotions and the importance of creating safety inside of herself

NeuroSomatic Intelligence tools teach the language of the nervous system so you can learn to express the full spectrum of your emotions in a safe way and be fully present in your body at each moment. So you can live a big, full life. We are here to help you heal and move into the fullness of your help. 

Episode 51

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