What is Applied Neurology?

Episode 46

What is Applied Neurology?

Think of daily NeuroSomatic Intelligence practice as nervous system hygiene. 

“At its most basic level applied neurology is using the latest research in neuroscience and brain science and making it applicable to everyday life to train our brain and our nervous system to function better. NeuroSomatic Intelligence training uses applied neurology to create neural exercises to intentionally create positive changes in the health and function of the nervous system.” 

  • Elisabeth Kristof, Trauma Rewired Co-Host, Founder of Brain-Based Wellness and Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Training Certification 

In this episode, we explain what Applied Neurology actually is in simple everyday language. 

Going forward, instead of using the terms applied neurology, functional neurology or drills, we’ll be using the term NeuroSomatic Intelligence tools, or NSI tools. These are practical, easy actions you can take on a daily basis to heal and create positive change in your nervous system so you feel a greater sense of safety.

At its core, the nervous system is an input driven system. The brain takes inputs from different systems of our body, integrates the information, then interprets that information, and generates an output. That output can be protective or performance. 

Common examples of outputs are: fatigue, dissociation, migraines, anxiety, moving in smaller ways and stress. 

The input systems of our nervous system are:

  • Visual system – your eyes, the muscles and cranial nerves that innervate them and the areas of the brain that interpret visual information.
  • Vestibular system – balance system in the inner ear which lets you know which direction you’re moving, which way is up, how much tension to keep in your muscles, to keep you upright against the force of gravity.
  • Proprioceptive system – the body mapping system which tells you where your body is in space.
  • Interceptive system which tells our brain what’s going on inside of your body – like what body temperature is, heart rate and rhythms, what our organs are doing.

By training each of these systems using NSI tools you can give your brain better quality inputs and your brain feels safer. This is why it’s important to develop a daily practice of minimum effective dose NSI tools that create a foundation of safety for our brain and nervous system. Until our brain and nervous system feel safe we are stuck in a survival state. 

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How your brain is like a GPS system
  • How important it is for our brain to have a clear map of your body
  • What your posture and gait tell you about your nervous system
  • How important 1 pain free rep is to your brain
  • How NSI tools help you move from protective to performance mode
  • How NSI tools support you in emotional processing and create emotional resilience 
  • How NSI tools help you create more joy, pleasure and clarity in your body and life

We hope that you are inspired to start building your own daily NSI tool practice.

You’re invited to sign up for the free video series on the Brain-Based Wellness site. The link is in the show notes.

Episode 46

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