Emotional Neglect

“…when our emotional needs aren’t met, they’re neglected, we miss out on that felt sense of being held, not only physically, but emotionally and at the level of our nervous system and our emotional expression. Then we miss out, too, on learning a lot of the nuances of emotions and the duality of emotions. Like I can be afraid and also be excited.” 

-Elisabeth Kristof, Founder of Brain Based Wellness and Neuro Somatic Intelligence Certification

Does being around your parents put you into emotional flashbacks? Have a really hard time with conflict? Is it uncomfortable for you to be around someone with strong emotions? These are signs of a nervous system developed in an environment of emotional neglect. 

It’s about much more than just feelings. Emotional neglect can deeply impact our nervous system health, regulation capabilities and our immune system. 

Join us for a transformative conversation about the impact of emotional neglect on your nervous system, its complex and nuanced layers of guilt and acceptance and the healing that emotional expression can bring. Emotional neglect is an often overlooked ACE score that can be challenging to acknowledge so this week’s episode may be a tough one to hear.

Jennifer vulnerably shares her personal struggle with acknowledging emotional neglect as part of her ACE score. She talks about the feelings of guilt it brings up and her desire to defend her parents because they were never taught about emotional regulation. You may find yourself in her story if you grew up with primaries who seemingly met your needs and didn’t have any big T traumas.

Ever set a boundary with your mom not to listen to your own podcast? Elisabeth has! She shares what it was like growing up with a single mom who struggled with dissociation and how it created a messy mix of enmeshment and emotional neglect in her life.

Then we share about the tools we used to heal the emotional neglect wound. It all started by getting to know our nervous systems and learning our body’s way of speaking to us through minimum effective doses of Neuro Somatic Intelligence tools. Elisabeth shares how profound EFT Tapping was for her and Jennifer shares how she intimately got to know her nervous system to become a safe container for herself.

If you recognize yourself in this episode or in our personal stories, then we invite you to join us on the site. We have 2 free weeks of neuro training and somatic practices for you at Brain Based Wellness. Every week there’s live classes where you can ask questions and connect with our incredible community. There’s also a huge on demand library for you to explore. Come join us at www.rewiretrial.com

Listen and learn:

  • Definition of emotional neglect 
  • Adulthood signs of emotional neglect from childhood emotional neglect
  • What health emotional modeling looks like
  • Consequences of emotional neglect on brain development and immune function
  • Link between emotional regulation and behavior
  • Challenges of healing generational trauma
  • Neuroscience of emotional neglect
  • Role of brain areas like the insular cortex, interoception, and the vagus nerve in the emotional healing process
  • Ways to work with the body and nervous system to safely process emotions
S3 E22

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