Embodiment is Scary AF

Season 3 Episode 6

“We are creators, but we cannot be creators when we’re living in a state of survival. It’s a non-starter. So everything, every affirmation you wanna do, every manifestation program you wanna take, every energy healing thing you wanna be present for- if your inner environment is in a state of survival everything else will elude you because you cannot be the creator when you’re in survival. And the way out of survival is through regulation.”

-Tracy Litt, Founder of The Litt Factor, Best Selling Author and Neuro Somatic Intelligence Certified Practitioner 

Ever wish you didn’t have a body?

Do you live mostly in your head unaware of your body?

Are you afraid that expressing your emotions will open a Pandora’s box that will never close? 

Do you know what it means to be embodied?

We are having a LITT and passionate discussion about Embodiment and Emotions with Tracey Litt on this week’s episode. This is an exhilarating conversation that will give you chills and get you fired-up to become embodied and express your emotions. 

We are sharing intimate stories of how each of us moved out of dissociation and became embodied using Neuro Somatic Intelligence tools that hopefully will inspire and encourage you. You’ll hear our different takes on the definition of embodiment and come to understand that emotional expression is “the gateway to every benefit”, as Tracy says.

When we’re stuck in complex trauma embodiment may seem out of reach, but there’s hope in neuroscience. Elisabeth explains how daily nervous system training and regulation with NSI tools helps us come out of ‘survival brain’ and into higher order thinking systems and embodiment. 

“Litt-Up” Highlights:

  • Jennifer reveals the simple and powerful NSI tool she relies on daily to deepen embodiment
  • Jennifer and Tracy share profound thoughts on the healing space of a bathtub
  • Why slowing down is crucial to becoming embodied
  • Elisabeth talks about the challenges women face in becoming embodied because of diet culture and dissociation
  • Tracy reveals why there’s so much resistance and fear to emotional expression and she’ll get you pumped up to start moving those emotions through your body
  • Jennifer gives a unique and valuable metaphor about emotional drainage 
  • How Tracy is using NSI in her business

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this episode!

S3 E6

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