Cultural Attachments

S3 E4

“…I’m doing all my internal work and I’m healing myself so that I can be strong and do the work in the world that I wanna do and support others to do that work. I have been really wanting to make sure that it’s not just an individual solution, so it’s not just about me. It’s about me doing that because I want there to be collective thriving.”

  • Cristy Chung, Certified NSI Coach, Advocate and Healer

In this week’s episode we’re having a poignant discussion about Cultural Attachments. Recently certified NeuroSomatic Intelligence Coach Cristy Chung joins us to share her unique perspective as a dedicated racial and liberation advocate and Reiki Master.

Did you know that social threat is equal to physical threat in your nervous system? 

Ever wonder if physical pain could be your nervous system trying to protect you from a society that feels unsafe?

What happens to your nervous system and overall health if society isn’t safe for you because of where you are on the body hierarchy ladder? 

We examine the staggering science about these questions and more from a NSI perspective based on the article The Neurobiology of Social Stress Resulting from Racism: Implications for Pain Disparities among Racialized Minorities. (link in show notes)

We’re exploring the deep and wide impact that oppression has on our nervous system as individuals and as a society. Cristy is a shining example of using NSI tools to care for her own nervous system so that she can create change in the world by teaching NSI tools to oppressed populations. 

Episode highlights:

  • Jennifer shares a detailed definition of an unsafe relationship
  • Cristy shares how becoming a NSI Coach has positively impacted her work in activism
  • Elisabeth explains how the survival stress of body hierarchy in our society is connected to disorganized attachment 
  • Cristy vulnerably talks about she feels when she goes into spaces with people as a queer Asian cisgender female
  • Jennifer discusses how culture and the patriarchy shapes functional anatomy and how it biases the brain
  • Cristy shares the inspirational story of what led her to NSI Certification and how she’s applying what she’s learned in her personal life and her work 
  • Elisabeth explains how NSI tools can bring people out of burn out and complex trauma so that we can do the good work of dismantling cultural systems that don’t serve people well
S3 E4

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