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“From a neuro-somatic perspective, anxiety is not the cause of stress. It is an output that results from a chronically overstressed nervous system.” – Matt Bush 

Have you poured your energy into meditation, mindfulness, and mindset practices, desperately seeking relief from relentless anxiety? Yet, despite your efforts, intrusive thoughts and stress responses continue to plague your days?

Are you tirelessly guiding your clients through various techniques and reframes, only to find them trapped in the endless cycles of ruminating thoughts, insomnia or panic?

Anxiety isn’t the root of our stress – it’s a symptom. And it is not cognitive! Join NSI Lead Educator Matt Bush for an enlightening workshop where we peel back the layers of anxiety’s complexities and reveal the pathway to enduring relief.

There are many physiological reasons why our nervous system, our body, and our brain are under stress all of the time. One of the most important is how we take in information through our sensory systems.

Learn from NSI lead educator Matt Bush on how to rehabilate sensory mismatch and resolve anxiety from the level of the nervous system.


The Science Behind Sensory Mismatch

Explore how the nervous system navigates a world of conflicting signals. Discover how sensory mismatch disrupts our brain’s ability to predict and protect, creating chronic stress and a pervasive sense of threat and unease. 

Practical Tools for Transformation

Equip yourself with tangible strategies to identify and address sensory mismatch, both in yourself and your clients. Learn to rehabilitate your sensory input systems, paving the way for a more resilient nervous system.

Crafting a Blueprint for Change

Create a framework tailored to your unique needs or those of your clients. Gain the insights and skills needed to initiate profound shifts in the nervous system, leading to lasting relief from anxiety.

Empowerment Through Understanding

Walk away empowered with a comprehensive understanding of anxiety’s root causes and practical solutions to mitigate its impact. Armed with newfound knowledge, you’ll be ready to embark on a journey of transformation – one that promises a brighter, more peaceful tomorrow.