Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Certification

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Distinguish yourself with a leading-edge, somatic framework and tools that creates client transformation from the body to the brain.

The world needs coaches, therapists, and leaders who can attune, co-regulate and practice trauma-informed teaching. Mindset coaching and goal setting are not enough. Changing thoughts, top-down strategy and task-oriented tools are only small pieces of the puzzle that give limited, short-term results, keep clients held in frustrating behavior loops and cause coaches and healers to burnout.

A Neuro-somatic Intelligence Certification equips you with the evidence-based, effective tools and the neuro-knowledge you need to move beyond the analytical to a body-based, trauma-informed practice — a practice that will produce radically different client outcomes. Become a more powerful and effective coach, learn from experts and join a community of healers, coaches and therapists that are shifting the paradigm of healing, expansion and growth.