Continuity of Parts

S3 E7

“…if I don’t acknowledge the members of my inner counsel- even the ones I do not like, even the ones that feel like too much or not enough- then I, in the immortal words of Carl Jung, will project them to the outside and see them as attackers on me. That was a paraphrase, not his direct quote. I will project that energy out and I’ll only witness it outside.” 

-Dr. Joli Hamilton, Relationship Expert and Certified Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Practitioner

Do you ever have conversations with the inner parts of yourself?

Wondering what’s to gain by coming out of dissociation and feeling all of your feelings?

Ever dissociate during pleasure or sex?

Want to reclaim your sexual selfhood?

One of our most talked about episodes from Season 2 is Relationships, Complex Trauma and Your Nervous System with Dr. Joli Hamiliton. That conversation sparked this season’s relationship theme. Dr. Joli is back for a juicy conversation about relationship to parts of self and pleasure. It’s sure to be one that gets a lot of attention, too. 

We all exist in a state of multiplicity and those “other parts” of ourselves have gold nuggets of wisdom for us. Yet If you’re someone with complex trauma, like us, then you may have a really hard time being in relationship, fully Present and connected, to those “other parts”. We’re talking with Dr. Joli about how NSI tools help people with complex trauma create safety in their nervous system to create relationship with the “other parts” possible and powerful. 

We’re sharing juicy, intimate experiences about dissociating during sex, masturbation and shame, tolerance levels of pleasure and dialoguing with the sexual “other parts” of ourselves that will lend you hope about reclaiming your sexual selfhood using NSI.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jennifer shares a story of a recent conversation she had with her ‘other parts’ and what NSI tools she used to stay Present 
  • Dr. Joli explains how NSI tools are a Yes/And addition to other healing modalities
  • Jennifer discusses dissociation as a self attachment wound and the NSI tools that helped her become embodied
  • Dr. Joli shares how examples of how to dialogue with the sexual “other parts” 
  • Why the state of your nervous system matters when you engage in pleasure
  • Windows of tolerance for pleasure and how to use Minimum Effective Dose 
  • Taking ownership of your nervous system, pleasure and orgasm
  • Elisabeth talks about the neuroscience of how neuro tags have been keeping your safe through dissociation and how to rewire and repattern those neuro tags using NSI tools
S3 E7

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