Complex Trauma & the Developmental Brain, con’t

Episode 45

“Because of my Neuro-Somatic education and tools, I feel hopeful in my brain’s own story, in the way that I can rewire limiting beliefs, balance emotionally and start to light up different parts of my brain. Your brain is your whole body and relational world, and you can change your life by training your nervous system. I’m here for it.” – Jennifer Wallace, Trauma Rewired Co-Host and Brain-Based Wellness Facilitator

We are joined by Matt Bush, founder Next Level Neuro and co-lead instructor of the Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Certification, for Part 2 of our discussion about Complex Trauma and the Developing Brain. 

In this conversation we’re taking a dive deep into integration – specifically how disassociation and fragmentation affect our brain. 

“Impaired integration is such a hallmark of the traumatized brain. It disrupts our ability to balance our nervous system. Neurobiologist Dan Siegel says that at its very essence, the purpose of trauma therapy is to restore brain integration.”

We’re talking about what re-integrating memories actually means, why integration is the key to Healing and how Neuro-Somatic Intelligence tools can help you integrate and regulate your nervous system.

This is where you’ll find HOPE for healing your Complex Trauma.

“Your nervous system is always adapting and changing. Neuroplasticity doesn’t stop because you have complex PTSD, or a physical trauma, or developmental trauma. The brain is still adapting and working, and neuroplasticity is still at work, still functioning every single day – because without the ability to adapt, we wouldn’t survive as humans – which turns into a very hopeful message. It means you have the ability to change and to retrain your nervous system. It is really inspiring to recognize that people around the world have changed their brain’s response to cPTSD by using these NSI tools.” -Matt Bush

Jennifer shares a brilliant way to visualize how integration works in the brain. It’s sure to clarify the complex workings of vertical integration.

Plus we discuss:

● Defining complex trauma from a Neuro-Somatic perspective

● How complex trauma affects us in our daily lives and our future

● Dissociation and fragmentation of self

● Matt’s description of what high level integration looks like

● Memory integration and why people feel “stuck”

● Real examples of trauma responses overpowering their cognitive brain

● Disassociating from the different parts of yourself

Are experiencing dissociation, freeze, perfectionism, chronic fatigue, pain, lack of presence or numbing out? Do you relate to having social anxiety or a harsh inner critic? Maybe your day doesn’t look the way you want it to or feel the way that you want it to feel.

Then we created this episode for you.

“There is hope, it already lies within you. It’s in your nervous system and it’s in your brain. Thanks to neuroplasticity. But it’s hard to do alone. Healing happens in community. And that’s why we’re here to support you.” – Jennifer Wallace

Episode 45

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