Complex Trauma Impacts Brain Development

“I always thought I was crazy. And it turns out I just have complex trauma. This conversation inspired me to take healing my deficits way more seriously, particularly in my visual and vestibular systems. Now over a year later, I can’t tell you the difference it has made in my life. And the ways that I show up in my home and for this podcast.”

  • Jennifer Wallace, Trauma Rewired Co-host and Junior Educator of Neuro Somatic Intelligence Coaching Certification 

On today’s episode we discuss the neurological impacts of trauma, specifically how disassociation and fragmentation affect our brain integration. We’re joined by Matt Bush of Next Level Neuro and Co-Lead Educator of the Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Coaching Certification Program.

Impaired integration is such a hallmark of the traumatized brain. It disrupts our ability to balance our nervous system. Neurobiologist Dan Siegel says that “…at its very essence, the purpose of trauma therapy is to restore brain integration.”

Expect to understand more about how early childhood trauma results in brain dysfunction, shapes our basic functioning and filtration systems, and can overpower the cognitive mind. You’ll also learn what reintegrating memories actually means, and why integration is the key to healing.

We also give a deep explanation of vertical integration and how trauma affects the developing brain.

Tune in to hear how Neuro Somatic Intelligence can help get you to integrate and regulate your nervous system! This is where the HOPE is! 

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Defining complex trauma from a neuro somatic perspective
  • Effects of trauma on brain development
  • Dissociation and fragmentation of self
  • Memory integration and why people feel “stuck”
  • Real examples of trauma responses overpowering their cognitive brain
  • Dissociating from the different parts of yourself
  • How developmental trauma affects vertical integration
  • Dysregulation between the brains left and right hemispheres 
  • The SAID Principle in relation to nervous system imbalance
  • Benefits of learning more about trauma and the brain 
S3 E29

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