Chronic Pain & Emotions

“…so many people have an adversarial relationship with their body because they feel like the body’s punishing them because of the pain. You get angry because of the pain and resentment because of the pain. … Pain is a request for change. That’s my definition of pain. …the first step is how about you change how you view pain. Instead of a punishment it can be a protective response…”

-Dr. Perry, Founder of Stop Chasing Pain

Ever feel pain in your body when you try to make healthy changes?

Or maybe you’re noticing that body shame makes your inflammation worse?

You’re not alone. We’ve been there, too. 

Dr. Perry joins us this week for a deep discussion about pain, shame and emotional expression. We dive deep into how shame influences our pain and relationships, and how we can use applied neurology to change and heal. We, also, explore the connection between shame, inflammation and autoimmune issues. 

We carry this season’s relationship theme into this episode as we discuss shame as a
protective emotion that keeps us connected to our herd. Dr. Perry discusses the significance of these deep-seated survival mechanisms. He draws parallels between our ancestors’ need for connection and today’s society, and highlights the importance of these bonds for emotional and physical health and survival. 

We, also, explore the link between emotional trauma and our physical well-being. We explore the neuroscience of how shame shapes our body’s inflammatory response, how we can manage and reframe it. 

Dr. Perry shares a beautiful bio-symbolism practice that’s so easy to use, you can start immediately. 

If you find yourself in this episode, we invite you to join us on the Brain Based Wellness site. We’ve got 2 free weeks of neuro training, somatics and emotional expression for you at We’re live on the site several times teaching nervous system regulation and healing through awareness and self-compassion. Change is possible for you. We’ll see you there!

Episode Highlights:

  • The one thing that you have control over in your autonomic nervous system and the power of change it holds for your health
  • Societal pressure, judgment, and shame when it comes to autoimmune issues
  • The lymph system’s role in inflammation
  • Awareness as the first step of change and healing
  • Elisabeth’s transformation journey through emotional expression and the secret to lasting change (hint: it’s Minimum Effective Dose).
  • Why having a daily nervous system practice is a game-changer for stress reduction, inflammation and overall well-being
  • How your thoughts and stories impact your stress and inflammation.
  • Find out how Fight or Flight responses can trigger a neuroimmune reaction, leading to chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases.
  • How inflammation impacts vagal tone
  • How poor blood flow, low stomach acid and clogged lymph system add volume to our stress levels
  • Learn why massaging your navel, sternum, and neck can supercharge your blood flow and overall health. 
S3 E17

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