May / 2023

Perfectionism is a Trauma Response

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Episode 36 “Perfectionism is really difficult because it is a protective response with real health consequences. …  You hear people wear their perfectionism like a badge of honor and are often rewarded for perfectionistic traits. So how do we start to distinguish between striving for excellence and putting out work that is in alignment with your highest values and being
May / 2023

Emotions and Your Nervous System

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Episode 35 “…our emotions create a sense of safety for us, a sense of belonging. But then when things get flipped, whether it’s from trauma or an unsafe environmental pattern, it’s our emotions that first clue us in to say, ‘Hey we’re not safe. This is not a safe survival location or safe environment.’ And we feel fear or dread.
Apr / 2023

The Fawn Trauma Response

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Episode 59 “Are you a self-proclaimed people pleaser? Do you have a hard time setting boundaries? Or maybe you set boundaries and then you find yourself overwhelmed with panic, migraine pain in your body? It feels just really scary and uncomfortable. That’s what we’re gonna be talking about today, the trauma response of Fawn.  Fawn is a behavioral adaptation. It’s
Apr / 2023

The Freeze Trauma Response

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Episode 58 “Welcome to the Freeze Trauma Response. Unlike the other three responses <Fight, Flight and Fawn>, which are a call of action in the external world, Freeze happens in our bodies. Freeze is so fascinating. And as someone who really relates to this trauma response, I understand the dangers of it as well. It’s a reflexive response that’s turned
Apr / 2023

The Flight Trauma Response

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Episode 57 “When we have this constant feeling inside that we are preparing to take action and it’s not safe to be still a lot of times we do move into overworking or creating things to stay busy all the time or over training, because at the level of our physiology, that’s what feels right. It feels right and safe
Apr / 2023

The Fight Trauma Response

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Episode 56 “…anger is a very natural response. It is part of our emotional landscape, it triggers our fight and flight response, and it developed as a protective mechanism. When we had to be able to react quickly to protect ourselves against animal attacks throughout our human evolution. This is one of the tools that was developed, and everybody has
Mar / 2023

How Trauma Lives in the Body and How to Heal it in Your Nervous System

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Episode 55 “How can we hear our intuition? How can we know what is good for our body if we can’t hear the signals that it is sending us? How can I be someone who honors and respects and listens to my body to know what’s in alignment for my life if I can’t read the signals that my body
Mar / 2023

Trauma Rewired, the Healing Vortex

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Episode 54 “This season is a journey for people. We’ve laid it out in an easy way that it is digestible and that people can find themselves in. Not only just for your own awareness, but so that you can understand that there’s a new journey ahead of you that involves compassion, healing and forgiveness. We are showing you what
Mar / 2023

Visibility, Leadership and Podcasting

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Episode 53 “Fear of success is really worth noting because there are entrepreneurs that want to get visible and want to get out there and want to be more successful. Then you are more visible, the stakes get higher. … I think the real truth is, and you know I say this as an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurs are often dysregulated
Mar / 2023

Executive Leadership, Your Nervous System and Success

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Episode 52  “…whether you have a big organization or not, I think everybody should think of themselves as a Leader, and I think empowering yourself with these <NSI> tools is a way to have an impact no matter where you are or what you’re doing.” “…being an entrepreneur is traumatic, leading people, and I don’t mean Trauma in a dramatic