Astrology, Cosmology and Divinity: Connecting Deeper Through Regulation

“…the ancient mythologies, the ancient texts, including the Vedas and the Bibles- are really cosmologies. They are telling us the stories of our anatomy and physiology and how we mimic the cycles of the cosmos. And how the stories of the stars are quite literally alive within us.” 

-Melanie Weller, Co-Lead Educator of Neuro Somatic Intelligence Certification, Vagus Nerve Expert

Do you have a connection to something greater than yourself? 

When was the last time you experienced the feeling of awe?

Think you’re an empath? 

Almost all ancient spiritual traditions used nervous system regulation tools. That’s right, working with your nervous system is not new. If you’ve ever prayed, used a rosary or mala, chanted or sang with spiritual intention, you were regulating your nervous system. 

This episode takes you on a journey exploring the pivotal role that regulating the nervous system plays in expanding our capacity for a nourishing spiritual practice and expanding consciousness with Melanie Weller. She’s sharing her ethereal expertise about the intersection of cosmology, astrology, the vagus nerve, Presence, awe and the nervous system. If you’ve ever dipped your toe into spirituality, this conversation will be a revelation. 

We’re sharing our personal stories too, like we always do. Elisabeth shares how daily Neuro Somatic Intelligence training expands her capacity for spiritual experiences. Jennifer reflects on the new experience she recently had with Wayne Dyer’s teachings about intentions after years of rewiring her neural patterns with NSI. She, also, reveals a cool and unusual way she’s combining her cosmology with creative self-expression. And Melanie shares the best advice she received as a young Physical Therapist.

Noteworthy Segments:

  • Melanie explains how our bodies mirror the zodiac- outside of our cells and within our cells
  • How ancient spiritual traditions translate into science
  • What Karma really is
  • Vital role the thalamus plays in intuitive abilities
  • How developing a secure attachment schema is key to the loneliness epidemic 
  • Why feeling awe is very good for your nervous system and spirituality 
  • Why the ability to be fully Present is the most important part of whatever healing modality you’re using
  • Melanie simplifies the concept of being an empath 
  • Critical role nature and your environment has on your nervous system
  • How to tell if your spiritual practice is expansive or limiting

We hope you enjoy this conversation about the role regulation of the nervous system plays in expanding consciousness and deepening our spiritual experience. 

S3 E9

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