When we think about adverse childhood experiences, emotional neglect is often seen as less significant compared to other forms of trauma. Its subtleties make it easy to overlook, but the truth is that emotional neglect has a profound effect on our relationships and health as adults, from the detrimental effects on the brain and immune system.

In this episode, we define emotional neglect and go over the signs and behaviors of those who’ve experienced it in childhood. They outline how it affects one’s ability to self-regulate, discern and express emotions, form healthy attachments, and more.

As we explore the topic of emotional neglect, you’ll gain a better understanding of the nuances of emotional neglect, and how emotional neglect manifests in your adult behaviors.

Most importantly, we share tools and strategies that can help you heal and learn emotional regulation. Tune in as we peel back the layers of emotional neglect and teach you how to nurture your emotional well-being!

Topics discussed in this episode:  
Subtleties of emotional neglect
The impact of neglect on emotional regulation
Signs of childhood emotional neglect
What healthy emotional modeling looks like
Emotional repression and immune function
Boundaries and parentification
Strategies to heal emotional neglect  

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