Healing Dissociation

“You can’t be present and dissociated at the same time.” These wise words from co-host Jennifer Wallace encompasses why this topic is so important to explore.

Presence is the truth of our emotions and our reality, because we cannot heal what we do not feel. Being present with our emotions, and feeling them in our body, allows us to truly understand and heal our nervous system in ways that dissociating from the body cannot.

This is a powerful conversation highlighting what goes on in the brain and nervous system when we dissociate, and how this protective mechanism can become maladaptive when its original function no longer serves us.

There is a way to overcome dissociation and authentically feel emotions in the body to truly heal.

In this episode, we deep dive into dissociation and its characteristics. The discussion begins with defining what dissociation is and how it is learned at an early age as a protective mechanism, followed by unraveling how dissociation shows up in the brain, specifically which brain structures are involved in disassociation, as well as the connection between the vagus nerve and the interoceptive system as it pertains to dissociation. It’s not enough to just understand these concepts intellectually, the real healing happens when we can experience them, which means feeling them in our bodies.

That’s where Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Coaching comes in, where we teach you the tools you need to heal the whole self, and move out of dissociation and into the body in a safe way. Tune in for this and more!

Topics discussed in this episode:  
Definition of dissociation
How dissociation is on a spectrum
The protective aspects of dissociation
How dissociation gets wired in the brain from an early age
The function of the thalamus and how it’s related to dissociation
The deep connection between the vagus nerve and the interoceptive system
How the brain makes predictions based on our past experiences
The possibility to train in new protective skills that are not maladaptive
Knowing about the nervous system is not the same as experiencing it
Spiritual bypassing and dissociation 
The importance of presence in understanding the truth of emotions

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