The essence of who we are radiates when we live in our purpose. When we can connect with our true self and share it with others. There are many blockers stopping us from being able to express our feelings, or even know what we’re experiencing, and one of them is self abandonment.  

Don’t let the “self” fool you — sometimes, we unintentionally abandon ourselves because of the survival responses born as a result of trauma. Until healing begins, we can get stuck living through learned patterns of ignoring our own needs in favor of others around us, suppressing feelings to protect ourselves from the neglect of others, and rejecting our intuition.  

We are finishing the CPTSD series by discussing this final component of CPTSD: self abandonment. We’re talking about the ways we abandon ourselves through the lens of their own experiences, and how it manifests in a cycle of self-abuse and shame.  

If you find yourself disregarding your own health and happiness, tune in to understand this component of CPTSD and how healing is possible!  

Topics discussed in this episode:  
Jennifer shares a recent story of self abandonment
Elisabeth defines self abandonment
Dissociation as a survival response
The effects of parentification
Healing self abandonment
How all the components of CPTSD work together
Becoming an expert of your nervous system
Toxic stress and disease
Learning to say “no” and self-regulate
The power of self-expression

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