S3 E44

Welcome to part one of five of our CPTSD series! We are kicking it off with a discussion about emotional flashbacks and how to manage them under the NSI framework. This highly reactive response to triggers are compounded by their ability to change a person’s reality, especially for those with CPTSD, who have a difficult time processing their emotions to begin with.

Emotional flashbacks can be debilitating and cause a ton of suffering, as well as maladaptive behaviors used to self soothe the dysregulation, however there are ways to rewire the brain through repatterning tools to create new pathways, which allow for less dysregulation and more control over your life.

You don’t have to live with emotional flashbacks, even simply being aware of your own reactive behaviors can help pinpoint flashbacks, and in turn create better behaviors around the dysregulation.

This is exactly what we are discussing in today’s episode. Everything from what emotional flashbacks are, how they manifest, the neurology behind emotional flashbacks, the heightened emotional response from people with CPTSD, and how to gain control of emotional flashbacks through repatterning the brain by learning using tools from our NSI coaching program.

Be sure to check this episode out for this and more!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Definition of emotional flashbacks from the NSI perspective
  • The behaviors associated with emotional flashbacks
  • Threat responses in the body associated with emotional flashbacks
  • The role of the hippocampus in emotional flashbacks
  • How emotional flashbacks are somatic
  • What are neurotags and how they work
  • How cognitive filters change a person’s reality during an emotional flashback
  • Lived experiences of emotional flashbacks
  • How CPTSD affects the immune system
  • Ways to combat emotional flashbacks
  • What it means to create new neural pathways
  • How emotional energy is stored in the body

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