S3 E42

We close Season 3 by reflecting on the interconnectedness of trauma, the nervous systems and our relationships explored throughout the Season. We delved into the Season’s most powerful conversations and insightful concepts- including relational patterns like emotional neglect, the neurology of narcissism, the importance of community healing and more.

Listeners were engaged more than ever, so you’ll hear stories of the Season impacted Listeners in their healing journeys. We answer common Listener questions (and even criticisms), discussing the nuances of healing unique nervous systems.

Looking ahead to next season, we tease a deeper look into structural trauma, systematic oppression, the mental health industry and science behind these concepts.

Plus, if you want more content on cPTSD and the impact of trauma on the nervous system, tune in to find out what you can expect from the upcoming midseason!

Topics discussed in this episode:

– The biggest takeaways from Season 3
– Our deep dive into the science of trauma
– Profound impact on Listeners
– Answers to listener’s questions
– How to safely bring neuro tools into your healing practice
– Preview of Season 4: mental health, structural trauma and more

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