S3 E39

Have you ever wondered why you always end up in the same type of relationships? Or why so many of the people in your life cause you stress? This episode looks at relational patterns through the lens of Neuro Somatic Intelligence, exploring how childhood experiences shape our relationships and, often subconsciously, guide us towards familiar dynamics that are harmful to our health and happiness.

Hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth unpack the power of neuroplasticity and its role in rewiring the brain to transform these deeply ingrained patterns. They discuss the importance of understanding our subconscious patterns, cultivating safety, and building a system of support for paving the way for true change and healing.

By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how to work with your nervous system to heal and create new, healthy relationships with others and yourself. Tune in now!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Unhealthy relational patterns and our health
  • Impact of early childhood experiences on relational patterns
  • How emotional neglect and abuse shape relational patterns
  • Toxic relationship patterns from a neuro somatic perspective
  • Fawn response in relationships
  • The impact of emotional flashbacks on relationships
  • Harnessing neuroplasticity to change relational patterns
  • Creating internal safety for healthier relationships

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