S3 E38

No person exemplifies the healing power of music more than today’s guest, Toni Jones. A former life coach, Toni wanted to create a tool for clients to improve well-being, leading to the birth of affirmation music.

True growth often comes after a period of breaking down, and this was true for Toni during her healing journey through music. In this episode, she shares the profound transformation she underwent after periods of vulnerability and self-discovery. She delves into the cycles of death and rebirth in the healing process, highlighting the need for emotional practices that support emotional processing, personal growth, and renewal.

Toni discusses “The Living Room Experience,” her project that fosters community healing and brings a sense of belonging to people through shared experiences.

The concept of community healing also comes into play during our conversation on sisterhood and feminine energy, both playing a crucial role in improving relationships and building a support system.

Tune in to learn more about the impact of music on nervous system health and self-expression!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Mental health and the growth process
  • How positive self-talk improves relationships
  • The process of breaking down and rebuilding
  • The importance of emotional practices in healing
  • The healing power of music and the nervous system
  • Community healing and “The Living Room Experience”
  • Aligned sisterhood
  • The future of affirmation music

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